SacAnime Summer 2015: Aldnoah.Zero English Cast (Sunday)

The English cast of Aldnoah.Zero is here at SacAnime and discusses the inside track of working on the English dub of Aldnoah.Zero

Questions set to time:
05:01 How was your experience at SacAnime?
05:56 How is it like being on the panelist side of the table?
06:20 Who is your favorite voice actor to look at?
07:41 Zach Aguilar: How was your first time at an anime convention outside Anime Expo?
07:57 What was the coolest thing you got to sign throughout the convention?
09:20 Max Mittelman: What was it like recording for Sunset Overdrive?
11:31 What was the weirdest line/scene that you had to keep your composure?
15:18 Were there any weird piece of direction that you received?
17:23 What is your favorite character's personality trait in Aldnoah.Zero?
21:33 What is your personal favorite anime?
25:42 Zach Aguilar: What was it like killing off Trillram in episode 3 of Aldnoah.Zero (voiced by Todd Haberkorn)?
27:16 Max Mittelman: If you have a choice between 100 eggs on sale or a hen that lays 2 eggs a day, which one will you choose?
29:51 Do you ever watch the episodes before or after you dub the anime and see how it compares to the original Japanese dub?
33:05 Who do you choose with Princess Asseylum? Slaine Troyard or Inaho Kaizuka?
34:52 What is your favorite scene in Aldnoah.Zero in season 1 and season 2?
38:08 What is your favorite scene in any other anime that you have done?
43:55 Zach Aguilar: Princess Asseylum or Princess Lemrina?
44:54 If NASA offered you the opportunity to travel to Mars as colonists, would you go?
46:15 What is the coolest/creepiest interaction that you ever had at a con?
47:47 What is your favorite Monster energy drink?
51:29 Favorite anime/video game character?
53:51 What weapons would you have if you were in Sword Art Online II?
55:26 Did you enjoy recording Sword Art Online II?
56:15 If you can voice act any character from any series, which one would you want to voice act?