Overwatch Voice Actors (Sunday) [SacAnime Summer 2019]

Avatar kevin | September 28, 2019

Continuing our tradition of bring you Qverwatch cast members, please welcome the voices of Zarya, Baptiste & Widowmaker to SacAnime for a fun hour of tales from the world of Overwatch.

Panel Information:
Panel: Overwatch
Event: SacAnime Summer 2019
Guests: Dolya Gavanski, Benz Antoine & Chloe Hollings
Date Of Recording: June 8, 2019
Recording Time: 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

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Do you prefer to be on scene/stage or in a booth?

Do you have any techniques that you do before you take on a role?

What would be a dish from their culture that you think it would be their favorite?

What was it like when you first saw the final product of your character?

Have there been positions where you applied your own twist on the idea of the character?

What was it like working with the writers and voice directors of Overwatch?

Do you have any lines in particular that are your favorite?

If you had a pick a theme song to represent your character, which song would it be?

Is there a specific type of merchandise that you would like to see?

How many places have you traveled?

Do you all know each other?

Benz: Is there anything about Baptiste that would help you get a ring on it?

How do you pronounce your character's ultimate lines?

If you could change your character's ultimate move, what would you make it?

Other than your own character, what is your other favorite Overwatch character?

What do you think is your character's favorite drink?

How is it like trying to connect to fans from all different countries and regions?

If your character could choose to have a pet, what pet would they choose?

What, would you say, is your favorite movie?

Do you have a favorite character line from a different character in Overwatch?

What are the chances of Overwatch getting a Romanian character?

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