Overwatch (Saturday) [SacAnime Summer 2018] – #ConventionCoverage


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Overwatch (Saturday) [SacAnime Summer 2018] – #ConventionCoverage

Go against the Petra Act and come join the voices from Overwatch for an hour of storytelling and questions.

Panel: Official Blizzard Overwatch Panel
Event: SacAnime Summer 2018
Guests: Michael Chu, Matilda Smedius, Carolina Ravassa, Elise Zhang
Date Of Recording: September 1, 2018
Recording Time: 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM PST

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What is your favorite part of your hero in Overwatch?

Has your understanding of your Overwatch character changed since your original understanding of the character?

How did you end up getting into voice acting for Overwatch?

Will there be a full length Overwatch animated series?

What drew you into Sombra In the first place?

What kind of animal would you think your character would be?

What do you think your character’s favorite food is?

Matilda: If you ever considered singing in character as Brigitte?

Can Genji get submerged in water without short circuiting?

If you could voice any other Overwatch character, who would you pick and why?

How did you get the art style in the Overwatch cinematics?

Out of all of the animals in the animal kingdom, why did you choose a hamster as the next Overwatch character?

Do you want your characters to interact with Hammond?

Do you have any shortcuts when getting ready to record for Overwatch?

Do you play Overwatch and do you play as the character you voice in Overwatch?

Have you heard other languages of your character?

How do you feel about the balance of your character in Overwatch?

How do you feel about your balance leading the story?

What is your top request to expand in Overwatch?

What is it like being part of the Blizzard family?

Is there a chance we can see D. Mon in game?

If you had to pick a song, what song would represent your character?