My Little Pony Voice Actors’ Panel [Babscon 2019]

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My Little Pony Voice Actors’ Panel [Babscon 2019]

All of our VA Guests (Maurice LaMarche, Tabitha St. Germain, Rebecca Shoichet, Kazumi Evans, Shannon Chan-Kent, and Bill Newton) will discuss the process and experience of voicing their
characters from our favorite show and within the animation industry. There will be an interview segment moderated by Amber “Foxxy” Lee followed by fan Q&A.

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How are you guys enjoying the con so far?

What was a role that you found most difficult to do up until now in your career?

What was a time where you were walked into a recording session and was completely blown away by the person in the room with you?

How easy was it to transfer your skills to voice acting?

Is there a voice actor that you really looked up to when you were first starting out that inspired you?

Were there any moments where you were discouraged in the industry?

Where are we in animated voice over right now?

What are your most/least favorite character?

Has there ever been a time where it took a long time to do a recording?

What was your favorite episode and why?

What should we see from you in the future?

Did you have any character that made a positive impact in your life?

Is there any content that watched to cram on a particular voice or type of voice?

How do you coordinate the characterization of the development of a character?

How was it like working on the 200th episode?

What is your favorite animated property that you have not been in?

If you could cosplay as any creature from My Little Pony, what creature would it be?


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