Kyle Hebert (Saturday) [SacAnime Summer 2019]

Avatar kevin | November 10, 2019

From Pokemon to Dragonball, Kyle has done it all. We are thrilled to have him back. Come for a fun Q&A session and hear from one of the most known voices in anime.

Panel Information:
Panel: Kyle Hebert
Event: SacAnime Summer 2019
Guests: Kyle Hebert
Date Of Recording: June 9, 2019
Recording Time: 2:00 - 3:00 PM

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What is your favorite moment playing Gohan?

Do you wish that Kamina (Gurren Lagann) wasn't killed off so early so you can voice him for longer?

Are you done with Kiba now that Naruto is finished?

What are your thoughts about abridged animes?

What is it like to work for Disney compared to other studios?

Are there any shows airing overseas that you are interested in voicing for in the dub?

If you had a choice for a role to play, what would it be?

Do you think Pan (Dragon Ball) is annoying?

What was it like with voice training for Dragon Ball Z?

What would you say is your favorite voice acting role?

What is one Marvel or DC character that you want to voice?

What was it like seeing in Ryu in the Marvel vs Capcom and Smash games?

Would you say Piccolo (Dragon Ball Z) is the greatest dad?

Do you ever get to see any of the gameplay before you do the voice acting for?


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